Design and storytelling


AlphaThorn is a financial product owned by a large family office trading in precious metals, mainly gold. The sales team at AlphaThorn needed help in repositioning their sales materials so that their pitch matched the product they were selling. 

Alphathorn presentation cover
AlphaThorn Chart
AlphaThorn Slide

Presentation case study

AlphaThorn needed a presentation created to reflect the product they were selling and entice high net worth individuals and other family offices to invest.

The brief was to understand AlphaThorns two main products, how they wanted to position those products, decide what was working in their current materials and create a better presentation to tell their story.

Understanding the product

Over the course of a couple of meeting, understand what the product was and how the team wanted to position the product. 


Creating a storyboard of slides that told the story of what the product was, how it worked and its performance.

slide and chart creation

Once the storyboard was approved, creating all new charts and the final slide deck.