Design and Management

Man Investments Australia

Man Group is one of the largest listed hedge funds in the world. Over the course of 16 years, I have worked on 1,000’s of documents for Man in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Prospectuses, annual reports, Product Disclosure Statements and marketing materials to name a few.

Man Diversified Alternatives
Man Chart
Man Quantitative Conference
Man Diversified Alternatives monthly report

Retail products case study

Man Investments would put out three new retail products a year. I would design and manage all client facing documentation for these products.

The brief for these products was simple, take a complex financial product and present it in a way that was easy to digest for someone with little financial background.


Working with the Product Development team to design, layout, sign off and manage printing of 80+ page documents with a print spend up to $250k.

Marketing material

Working with the sales team to produce relevant, easy to comprehend material that could be used with both financial advisors and individual investors.

Annual reports

Proof reading, finalise artwork, organising proxies and supplementary material, printing and distribution.

Shareholder Communication

Produce and coordinate Shareholder communications including regulatory reporting such as monthly reports, RG 240 reports and end of product life communication.

Corporate materials

Creating regional specific materials that fit in with the organisations global brand.

Institutional Investors

Creating client specific materials such as Request for Proposals and international road shows.

Conference materials

Create and manage materials for major client conferences. Invitations, signage, brochures and agendas, branded materials and presentations.

Man Corporate Brochure
Man Series 8 OM-IP 220 Rollover Summary