Design and Management


Mindarma is an e-learning program, designed to boost resilience and enhance mental wellbeing. I have been working with Mindarma on their website design, the design and project management of an app and also marketing materials.

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Mindarma Brochure

App development case study

Mindarma wanted an complementary App that would enhance their online program, allowing users to access mindful tracks, podcasts and inspiration.

The brief was to design and project manage the development of an App that would compliment the programs website.

Finding a developer

Working with the clients to find an App developer who would suit their needs and be able to work within their budget.

Producing UX designs

Creating a UX design template that takes Mindarma’s concept and turns it into a user friendly program, allowing the client to see how the App will function before the developer starts building.

Creating artwork

Cataloging and creating artwork,  buttons and other files ready for the developer.

Manage development and testing

Working with the developer to ensure the product is built to the clients specifications and working with the client to test the finished product before release.

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