Design and Consultant

Office Builders

The Office Builders are a small firm creating commercial spaces in both the corporate and medical professions. They had a client base of $50k to $300k projects however wanted to start targeting larger projects, in the $1m to $3m range. I created materials to help position them in this market.

Office Builders image
Office Builders Brochure Cover
Office Builders Brochure
Office Builders map

Positional brochure case study

The Office Builders wanted to position themselves in a way that attract larger clients and needed materials that would reflect this.

The brief was to create a brochure to present directly to a large client that the Office Builders wanted to work with, showcasing their expertise and points of difference. Once this brochure was complete, creating other generic brochures and proposal templates.

Understanding the target client

Working with the client to understand where they wanted to position themselves and what their points of difference were.


Designing the brochure and consulting on the copy and images that should be included. Briefing a photographer to ensure the best photos of completed work for the brochure.


Arranging quotes, proofing and printing of the brochure before it was hand delivered to the client.

Additional materials

Creating additional brochures for specific parts of the business, based on this original version. Designing a user friendly template for all staff to use, providing a consistent brand for the company.